Hillside Pediatrics is a collaborative group of pediatricians who each have an independent consulting practice. We provide an opinion and direction on specific medical problems that require specialized care, and want children and youth to thrive, grow and learn. Our specialists only see patients referred to them by a primary care doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner for advice on a specific problem. In order for us to assist any patient, BC Medical Services Plan requires that we have an active referral within the last 6 months.


Our doctors use a secure messaging service within our EMR called Medeo. We highly recommend setting up a Medeo account prior to your appointment. It only takes a minute and it will prevent you from missing important, secure communication, including instructions and requisitions. In the past we have found that Medeo mail has gone to our patients’ Junk or Spam folder. Although our medical office assistant (MOA) may sometimes send you an email about your appointment from the office email, please note our MOA is not a nurse and does not provide any medical or social advice at all. Thank you for respecting her role and the limitations of email.

A very special thank you to Dr. Jane Pegg and Dr. Scott Cameron for sharing resources for this site.