How do I get an appointment?
Your primary care provider needs to send in a referral in order to get an appointment with our pediatricians.

How can I get a family doctor?
There is a crisis in primary care in Canada, in B.C. and especially in Victoria. Visit the Doctors of B.C. website for available options: https://www.doctorsofbc.ca/advocacy-and-policy/health-promotion-campaigns/find-doctor

While our office supports our family doctor colleagues and system change that provides them with the tools and support they need to maintain long term comprehensive care of their patients, in some cases the new Primary Care Networks may be a good fit for your family and there may be a chance to get on a waitlist. Please visit this link for more information: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2021HLTH0133-001415

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How long will it take before I get an appointment?
It varies by wait list and medical urgency. All referrals are triaged (assigned by degree of urgency) by the doctors. If the urgency of your problem has changed, speak to the care provider who referred you and ask them to update our office.

Can my pediatrician do a pre-op exam?
Usually your primary care provider (i.e. nurse practitioner or family doctor) will complete this if necessary.

How do I know if the referral was received? Should I call to confirm?
If your email address was on the referral you will receive a secure message (within 2 weeks of the referral being made) telling you it has been received and an approximate time as to when the appointment could be expected.

How will I know I have an appointment?
Letter, text reminder, email and in some cases a phone call. Make sure we have up to date contact information and that the phone number we have on file is one you answer or where messages are frequently checked.


Our doctors use a secure messaging service within our EMR called Medeo. We highly recommend setting up a Medeo account prior to your appointment. It only takes a minute and it will prevent you from missing important, secure communication, including instructions and requisitions. In the past we have found that Medeo mail has gone to our patients’ Junk or Spam folder.

What should I do to prepare?
Bring all your prescription medications to your appointment. If you have been asked to collect school information, get eye or hearing assessments, or to fill out questionnaires, be sure these are complete and returned.

Where should I park?
Pay parking is available on site at $4.00 for 2 hours. Be careful about parking at Hillside Mall across the street as you may get a ticket. There is street parking in the neighbourhood about 2 blocks away.

What happens if I have to cancel or re-book?
You should provide notice (ideally more than a week) otherwise that appointment will be unused and wait lists will increase. Emergencies happen, but short notice cancellation may mean you wait months to be re-booked.

What happens if I don’t need to see the doctor anymore after I get referred?
Talk to the doctor that referred you so they are aware. Then you should give our office plenty of warning that you no longer need the appointment so we can use it for another patient.

I need a prescription renewal, what do I do?
If the pediatrician has agreed to provide a prescription, the pharmacy can fax in a request for a renewal. However, it may be more appropriate to see your primary care provider if that is what was agreed upon. You should not wait until the last moment to request a renewal as immediate requests cannot always be fulfilled.

Now that I see the pediatrician, do I stop seeing my family doctor?
No, your family doctor knows you best and you should maintain regular review with them. The pediatrician is a consultant only, existing to support you and your GP on a specific question or issue. Often you will see the pediatrician only once or twice and then return for ongoing management to your family doctor.

Can the office assistant help me with medical advice?
No. The office assistant is not a medical professional and cannot provide medical, legal or social advice.

When do I need a re-referral and where can I get it?
Every 6 months you require a new referral. Your family doctor, WIC or phone based service such as Babylon or Medimap can provide this if it is needed. Your primary care provider remains the most important person in your child’s care.

Will my pediatrician communicate with me by email or phone?
Your pediatrician may arrange a phone call at their discretion. We do not provide medical advice or consultation to patients via email.

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