A referral is required from a primary care provider in order to get an appointment with Hillside Pediatrics. Although many families and children do not have regular family doctors, a referral is still required and can be obtained via other options. Please see our FAQ page for more info on how to obtain a referral without a family doctor. Referrals are also accepted from midwives and nurse practitioners.

We are see people both virtually and in office. Please ensure you read the information on this page prior to your appointment, be it virtual or in person.


Do you have a required new referral from a primary care provider within the last 6 months?
Have you completed and returned all the requested paperwork?
Do you have all of the prescription medications your child takes?
Is your child wearing comfortable loose clothing that allows for examination? 

Important note for patients using email.

Our doctors use a secure messaging service within our EMR called Medeo. We highly recommend setting up a Medeo account prior to your appointment. It only takes a minute and it will prevent you from missing important, secure communication, including instructions and requisitions. In the past we have found that Medeo mail has gone to our patients’ Junk or Spam folder.


We adhere strictly to provincial and federal health and safety guidelines for all in office appointments.

  • Do not arrive too early for your in office appointment.
  • Please complete all requested paperwork prior to your appointment.
  • Cancel if you are sick or have symptoms related to COVID, the flu or other airborne infections.
  • Please see our FAQs for any further information.

Thank you for being kind and patient!


Mobile device, tablets, iPads etc. Please ensure you have the Zoom app installed on the device you will be calling from. Once installed Zoom will prompt you to test your audio and video, please ensure that you do this prior to our appointment.

Desktop and laptop users may download the Zoom app for your computer, however, Zoom will also allow and prompt you to join the meeting from your internet browser. Please ensure that you test your audio and video prior to our appointment.

Click on your pediatrician’s Zoom link below to begin your telehealth appointment with that doctor.

You will then be forwarded to their virtual waiting room where the doctor will begin the session. As is the case in a real waiting room, your appointment may not start right away. Please wait for the doctor to begin the session and do not disconnect the session if it does not begin right on time.

Dr. Jennifer Balfour
Dr. Roxana Bolaria
Dr. Lauren Kitney
Dr. Brett Schrewe
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